Building value hands-on

NREP takes a strategic operational approach to real estate to combine stable non-cyclical income with upside from hands-on asset management

Investment approach

Focused strategies

Hands-on asset management

Local presence

Downside protection

Strategy characteristics

Operationally attractive

Attractive long-term supply/demand imbalance and solid operational fundamentals.

Strong, recurring cash flow providing good downside protection.

Opportunity to drive value through hands-on active asset management.

Limited competition

Segments that are poorly understood or difficult for broader pools of capital to access.

Execution edge

Segment focus facilitates great experience, knowledge and access, as well as de-risking execution.

Asset level value creation

Deal sourcing

NREP’s network and local anchoring allows it to methodically identify properties that fit NREP’S criteria and proactively pursue them resulting in that more than 75% of completed transactions have been sourced off-market

Transaction selection & execution

NREP’s focused approach allows it to build superior knowledge and underwriting capabilities within target segments

Asset management

NREP has a proven track record of leveraging its full in-house asset managment capacity to significantly add value through NOI improvements, change of tenant mix, cost reductions at the asset level across target segments and target geographics


Value generating exit plans are an integral part of the business plan at acquisitions and NREP has a proven track record of improving asset liquidity and succesfully creating a value uplift at exit

Strategies and cases

UMEUS Student Housing

UMEUS is a Nordic student housing company leading the development and offering of modern student co-living at affordable prices in the Nordic capitals and university cities.   The student p

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Pelican Self Storage

Pelican Self Storage is a leading Nordic self storage company offering a high quality self storage service in the capital city regions where strong urbanisation, high housing costs and ever small

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NREP Retail

NREP RETAIL is a leading developer and owner of local centres for everyday shopping in the suburbs of major growing Nordic cities.

NREP has since 2006 built a strong

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Logicenters is the single largest owner and the most active developer of prime logistics assets in the Nordics.

Logicenters services the logistics property needs of mo

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